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Visual communication

It is not possible today to communicate effectively, even in the life science sector, without using visual tools. In the case of certain media or channels, they are practically the only tool that can be employed.
Even when this is not the case, the ever-increasing speed of transmission and use of information that now characterises every area of our lives almost naturally leads to a preference for the use of infographics, animations, and impactful videos.

The need to visually summarise biological processes, mechanisms of action, clinical results is challenging: transversal/team, scientific, technical implementation and communication skills are needed.

The advantage of turning to Clariscience is the possibility of reducing the number and duration of initial briefings: the Clariscience team has both scientific and marketing and communication skills, and therefore quickly understands both the technical-scientific content of what the customer is transmitting and its commercial and communication needs, so that the timeframe is particularly short and there is no need for constant bouncing of drafts or, worse, realignments in progress.

The visual communication tools that Clariscience is able to realise are many; below is a list of those most frequently requested:

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