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Value from science, all under one roof

Clariscience Office

It's a whole different story!

The world of medical devices is a complex world made of interactions. Some of these are codified by the standards, for example the interaction required with notified bodies to obtain the CE marking and to place a device on the market. Others, more nuanced and complex, see opinion leaders, clinicians, companies and research centers working together and focus on product enhancement through the communication of a solid scientific message.

Specific knowledge and skills are required. Regulatory matters require a thorough knowledge of the regulatory corpus and the ability to match strategic objectives with the legal framework; to communicate successfully it is necessary to use the correct terminology; only expert medical writers can write quality scientific articles.

An integrated approach to the medical device industry. Marketing and scientific communication, medical writing, regulatory affairs and quality management systems. Everything under one roof.



Right from the beginning of a project, we work closely with our customers to ensure that what we deliver is aligned with their goals and, if required, we are happy to contribute to their strategy.


Working according to a program agreed with the customer and following tested models to guarantee timeliness, speed and quality in the delivery.

The network of specialists

We are not good at everything... that's why we count on an articulated and stable network of professionals and companies we work with. All members of the network share our rigorous approach.


We work scrupulously to define each project and we always provide transparent cost estimates, without hidden costs. This implies that, at first glance, we may not seem the cheapest on the market.

A team of professionals

A team with great experience with in-depth skills in different fields: medical writing, marketing and scientific communication, regulatory affairs, quality systems.